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"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." — Oliver Wendell Holmes, US author and physician (1809 - 1894)

Welcome to the Leadership Development Coaching and Mentoring Register

On the 31st August 2022 the South East Leadership Academy Coaching and Mentoring Register will close. A new national NHS Leadership Academy Coaching and Mentoring Hub will go live on the 6th September 2022.

Existing profiles will be transferred to the new hub and login details will be provided after the platform goes live along with further instructions.

If you have a query with any aspect of the Coaching and Mentoring Hub, please contact england.selll@nhs.net

Best wishes from the NHS Leadership Academy South East team

Coaching and mentoring at NHS South East Leadership Academy is an inclusive, free offering available to all professions within the NHS and social care, irrespective of pay grade, clinical and non-clinical roles.

Whether you are leading an organisation, heading up a service, managing a team or leading yourself and colleagues coaching, or mentoring can support you on your leadership journey. The coaching and mentoring register provides a confidential service to match coachees and mentees with appropriate and qualified coaches and mentors. Coachees/mentees self-select a coach/mentor, and make contact with them to arrange an initial chemistry session. The relationship can then be managed by yourselves through the register.

What can a coach do for you?

  • Relationship has a set duration
  • More structured with regularly scheduled meetings
  • Short term and focused on specific development areas/issues or goals and work
  • Your coach does not need direct experience of your job (unless the coaching is skills focussed).

What can a mentor do for you?

  • Share their experiences
  • Ongoing relationship that can last for a long time
  • Can be more informal with meetings when the mentee needs some space and time to think, guidance or support
  • Focus on long-term career and personal development
  • The agenda is set by the mentee and takes a broader view of the person.

To register as a coachee/mentee please complete a registration form below.

To register as a coach/mentor please read the eligibility criteria beforehand to avoid any disappointment of not being accepted. Click here to view the eligibility criteria for registering as a coach or mentor.

To register as a coach/mentor you will need to complete the online registration form and upload your certificate.

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